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140 MHz video controller with I2C-bus


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To meet the graphics, processing and mass storage market, the demand for integration of analog products, Freescale introduced a series of single-and dual power supply regulator IC (IC), for double data rate (DDR) applications that provide efficient power management TDA4886A Price . Freescale MC34712/3/6/7 regulator IC can be efficiently memory system for data-intensive DDR1/2/3 provide power, and in many power conversion applications to provide DC / DC conversion TDA4886A Price .
compared with other conventional memory, graphics, and almost all computing systems are used in the DDR memory can provide much higher bandwidth TDA4886A Price . Computing platform and DDR memory manufacturers require compact, flexible, integrated and efficient power management solutions for computing in today's compact design, networking and mass storage platform space to provide extensive and advanced control.
Freescale MC34712/3/6/7 devices can be used as synchronous buck switching converters, designed to be most DDR applications, power management efficiency by 93%, and reduce the DC / DC conversion power consumption. For small inductor and capacitors, MC34712/3/6/7 devices provide programmable high-current 1 MHz switching frequency.
MC34712/3/6/7 products
The series is to use Freescale's SMARTMOS technology development, with an integrated controller and metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET). This highly integrated features reduce the need for external components, while reducing space-constrained applications, the total number of components required.
Freescale's analog products development plan released
MC34712/3/6/7 series devices are constantly enrich the next generation of Freescale's analog, mixed signal and power management ICs, including the latest products. In order to meet the mass market for highly integrated analog products of great demand, Freescale's upcoming consumer electronics market for Roadmap.
advantage of its advanced simulation technology and mobile phone markets in the automotive and successful experience, Freescale is expanding its analog portfolio to meet the fast-growing emerging markets and consumer electronics applications. To take full advantage of these opportunities, Freescale is focusing on promoting the following areas of analog product and technology development work:
digital camera motor control and power management;
liquid crystal display (LCD) of the LED background light and power management;
lithium ion battery-powered device's power management solutions;
portable media player's power management;
data-intensive computing, networking and mass storage applications, power management;
Power over Ethernet networking applications (PoE) products.
Pricing and delivery time
Freescale MC34712/3/6/7 series of single-supply and dual voltage regulator ICs are now in production volumes. Per 10,000 of the suggested retail price (U.S. dollars) as follows:
MC34712 single-output DDR version for $ 1
MC34716 dual output DDR version for $ 1.37
MC34713 single-output DC / DC version for $ 1
MC34717 dual output DC / DC version for $ 1.37

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